VMS(Voice Messaging Service) is the first of its kind hosted voice messaging service. It is an excellent communication tool and acts as an automated voice dialer. Using this intelligent tool companies can lend meaningful emotions to their communication. A single communication can be passed on in multiple languages to multiple users instantly anywhere in India to any network including landline phones.

Benefits of VMS

  • It is highly cost effective as the company utilizing VMS would be able to reach out to an infinite number of people and the cost would be way lesser than a humongous phone bill.

  • The VMS can be sent anywhere in India to any network. VMS has the potential of changing the Mobile Marketing for good. The VMS acts like an automatic voice dialer and sends a voice call to various target mobile numbers.

  • VMS is also highly personalized and you can reach out to a variety of people of various castes, creed and language and that too in their own language. For example if you would like to reach out to the Bengali community, you may record a VMS in Bengali and reach out to them. Indeed a voice message can actually do wonders for a company as well as for its clients.

  • VMS does not have any limitation on the duration or length of the message.

  • VMS can be used for various purposes like:

  • Companies can use it as an effective automated communication medium with a large number of suppliers, employees not to mention their customers. Since it is an auto dialer, it lets users call up a mind bogglingly large number of people in a day.

  • VMS can also be used to create effective automated marketing campaigns to inform the potential customers with the company's latest product offerings.

  • Personal touch provided by auto dialers coupled with low cost and huge reach makes it a compelling value proposition for the corporate.