The BMS enables an organization / company/individuals to reach out via SMS to their existing and prospective customers for imparting information, promotional messages, customized greetings etc. BMS is a web-based application whereby customers can send messages instantly to multiple mobile numbers at the click of a button via a user-friendly front-end web based interface. The users can either enter comma-separated destination mobile numbers or select a group that contains multiple mobile numbers and enter the desired message to be sent. They can check the history of the message sent, date and destination mobile numbers.

  • Multiple Messaging: Users can send multiple messages to multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Template: It is a pre-specified format where users can store any information in the form of Template.
  • Instant Group messaging: Users can form multiple groups and each group can contain multiple numbers like Business, Friends etc.
  • Uploading multiple mobile numbers: User can upload multiple mobile numbers specified in a text file in a pre-formatted manner column wise.
  • View group: User can view the uploaded group
  • View Log: View Log will be maintained for each SMS sent by the user with the Date and time of message sent, message, total number of mobile numbers to whom the message was sent and mobile numbers.
  • DND: DND filtering is done so that promotional SMS are not sent to DND users.
  • Picture SMS: User can send picture SMS to multiple numbers for various occasions.
  • Message Scheduling: User can schedule the SMS to be sent at a later date and time as per the needs of the user.